Women Refugees: Our Journey Into the Unknown…

March is declared as women’s month and women’s achievements and contributions to history and society are celebrated worldwide. This year MEWC is dedicating the month for women refugees, and creating a space for them to share their stories. Our aim with this project is to showcase the resilience and survival of what it means to be a woman refugee, and impact the perceptions of the media and the public about them.

An interview with Uzma, an Iraqi woman refugee, living in a German refugee camp*

My name is Uzma, I am 62 years old and I am from Iraq. In Iraq there is war right now so we took a plane from Iraq to Istanbul. Then, from Istanbul we took a plane to the Czech Republic where we stayed for one day and then we took a car to Germany. We did not know the driver, he was a stranger and other people told us that we could get in his car and drive us to Berlin. In Germany, there is peace, whereas in my country there is war. Of course, there are difficulties. It is hard for me to talk with other people as we don’t speak the same language and the distances here are very long. My husband is ill and he is in a wheel chair and this is hard for me. He has a liver problem and it is hard for me to take the bus with him in order to go to the doctor. I have to take a taxi and this costs us a lot of money. Currently, I am living in the refugee camp and I am learning German.

*This interview was held anonymously and edited by MEWC

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