Women Refugees: Our Journey Into the Unknown…

March is declared as women’s month and women’s achievements and contributions to history and society are celebrated worldwide. This year MEWC is dedicating the month for women refugees, and creating a space for them to share their stories. Our aim with this project is to showcase the resilience and survival of what it means to be a woman refugee, and impact the perceptions of the media and the public about them.

An interview with Aadela, an Afghan woman refugee, living in a German refugee camp*

My name is Aadela, I am 44 years old and I am from Afghanistan. I was living with my family in Afghanistan and there was war as always. The next country we lived in was Iran but we were having problems, especially the children had problems at school. Then, we moved to Turkey and we lived there for a couple of years. This is why we decided to move to Germany. Here (in Germany), we are registered at the job center which in theory, means that we are allowed to stay in the country for 3 years. Now, we have a problem because we need to present our official passports and we don’t have them so we went to the Afghan embassy in Berlin in order to get our original birth certificates. We have no family left back home to help us with this problem. We don’t know if we will get these documents and I just hope that even if we don’t get the documents, Germany will provide us with new ones. For the moment, I am at the refugee camp all day and I go to German courses three times per week. There is also a volunteer who gives yoga classes and I do yoga.

*This interview was held anonymously and edited by MEWC

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