Steps to End Violence Against Women

For many decades, women have been the most vulnerable to violence in the society. In this regard, they usually undergo a lot of pain as a result of the violence. The following steps should be taken to end violence against them:

Sensitize and educate people: Governments, non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations and other groups should sensitize women about violence against them and educate the public about the dangers of the vice. In this regard, women will be more careful about their moves and the public know about laws regarding violating the same. The public should also be sensitized and informed about the vice in order to know its repercussions.

Adopt and enforce laws: To stop the impunity, all perpetrators of violence against women should be brought to book and women and girls perpetrated against provided with reparations and remedy.

Allow women to easily access justice: Women should be provided with free legal and specialized services and their number in law enforcement agencies increased to make them access justice easily.

End impunity towards conflicts that relate to sexual violence: Perpetrators of conflicts that lead to sexual violence should be prosecuted and affected women provided with comprehensive reparations that are geared towards transforming their lives.

Ensure there is a universal access to critical services: There should be free hotline operating 24 hours a day to respond to immediate and emergency needs of women. There should also be safe shelter and housing, free counseling services, programs that care for raped women, and free legal services to help in understanding women rights and options.

Collect and analyze national data: Data on prevalence, causes, and consequences of violent against women, and profiles of perpetrators and survivors should be collected to aid in the development of national policies that aim at ending violence against women.

Empower women economically: The right of women to own land and property, inherit property, get equal payment for equal work with men, and get decent and safe employment would greatly reduce women’s chances of falling victims of sexual violence.

Involve mass media: Involvement of mass media such as radio and television regarding violence against women greatly assist in shaping public opinion and changing gender norms and practices that enhance violence against women.

Mobilize men and boys: Since most violence against women come as a result of men’s actions, mobilizing all men regardless of ages can make them take a stand against violence against women and girls and encourage equality and unity.

Donate funds to various organizations that fight against violence against women: Able people should donate funds to organizations that strive to fight against women such violence such as United Nations.

Work with young people to champion change: Working with young people especially introducing systems of education that empower both girls and boys not to participate in any kind of violence in our schools bring a great change in the society.

While all the above steps reduce violence against women, people should be provided with CSA phone number of organizations that tackle the vice in order to gain more help when need be.

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 By Elena Grace


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