#MeToo: Testimony 3

The movement #metoo is a beautiful initiative which gives a space for people who have suffered sexual assault or harassment to voice their experiences. However, we understand that many survivors do not have the possibility or means to do so.

We would like to offer the opportunity to anyone who would like to come forward with their testimonies for them to be published anonymously on our blog.

All testimonies will be handled with the utmost sensitivity and anonymity, and will be instantly deleted once received. You can send in your testimonies by direct message on our social media pages or to info@makeeverywomancount.org.

1. He was a junior and I was a freshman. We would ditch class together and he would play the guitar for me. I don’t think I ever really liked him but he was older than me and I liked feeling wanted by someone so cool. I laid on his chest and listened to his heart beat speed up until his lips met mine.

2. He held my hips and pulled me closer as I danced and sang to my favorite song. That night we hooked up in a closet. I told him I had to leave because I had homework. It was summer.

3. He was mean to me and I liked it. I told him if he were my husband I’d poison his coffee. He told me if I was his wife, he’d drink it. I thought we were just friends. Until he forced his lips onto mine in the backseat of his brothers car.

4. He was my first summer romance. I knew he was bad news, but I pretended to believe every lie he told me. We made out in my basement and in the backseat of his moms car and out on the street one night until a car drove by and saw us. We ran away screaming and laughing until we collapsed on top of each other in a giggling heap on the forest floor. He let me wear his sweatshirt and for the first time I thought I might be in love. On the last day of summer we sat on the swings of an elementary school and he promised me we’d be together forever. We were broken up by the second week of school.

5. He got me drunk in a small Chicago apartment. I never found out his name.

6. I sat on his lap on New Years Eve and he told me I was a good dancer. I told him if he found me vodka I’d give him a kiss.

7. He was a lot older than me and he convinced me to have sex with him. I was still a virgin. But he played with my hair and whispered secrets in my ear and cuddled with me after until we both fell asleep in each other’s arms. He told me I was beautiful but then he never called. One week later he was fucking my best friend.

8. He was my best friend when I was a little girl. But years went by before I found myself locked in his van groping for the handle while he whispered dirty things in my ear, begging me to stay. He bit my lip with such hunger and kissed me hard and fast, like he was a captive and I a sunny day.

9. We used to stay up late texting. He told me I was the only girl he wanted. It wasn’t until I was naked on top of him, lying on a basement floor that I realized he was using me.

10. He smelled like whiskey and cigarettes. He told me he understood the deepest darkest parts of me.He said he loved me and that I deserved to be treated like a princess. He promised he’d take care of me forever. Then he raped me. It was my birthday.

-10 boys I kissed

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