#MeToo: Testimony 2

The movement #metoo is a beautiful initiative which gives a space for people who have suffered sexual assault or harassment to voice their experiences. However, we understand that many survivors do not have the possibility or means to do so.

We would like to offer the opportunity to anyone who would like to come forward with their testimonies for them to be published anonymously on our blog.

All testimonies will be handled with the utmost sensitivity and anonymity, and will be instantly deleted once received. You can send in your testimonies by direct message on our social media pages or to info@makeeverywomancount.org.

My long-term relationship of 5 years is a black hole. I cannot remember much, it has all become a blur. When my friends ask me about it, my mind is blank. I try to push the memories away and mumble that he was aggressive. However, occasionally I have distant flashbacks. One of the flash backs is of a moment where I am being sexually assaulted by my partner at the time. I’m not sure how many times it happened, all I know is that it wasn’t the only time. I can remember is my silent tears falling down the side of my face. At the time, I wasn’t ready to accept what happened, only recently have I began to process it. I find it easier telling people who I don’t know at all, rather than people who I am close with. The hardest person to tell was my current partner. I feared that he would look at me differently, as a “victim”. I don’t feel like a victim; I just feel like a person which “it” has happened to.

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