There’s always something about women like me. Women with skin. I am covered in the glory of being black and beautiful. Black Girls glisten of melanin because God made the edges black and the curves bold. The sun sings symphonies to our skin because we are the epitome of Greek Goddesses.

We have been made to think of ourselves as ugly because we have been bothered by history, misogyny and the deliberate usage of patriarchy to extend gender equities because of the uglies of Capitalism. Before we can get to being a woman, we need to celebrate our black skins. The wonder of having deliberate bone and an earth shattering presence.

We need to unpack the pain, leave behind the shame and to unlearn the ugliness placed on us for being born women. It has always been a privilege to be born black and female. There is more to black skin and the anatomy of women than haemorrhage. There is not enough words designed to describe how fearfully made we are.

It’s time to rise up and take a stand in the world and remind ourselves, without a doubt that we are all the beauty the world has ever needed and we are who we have always been waiting for.


Khabo Apple Masango

Lioness. Feminist. Baby Audre. In love with interior decor, soft colours and sun-filled days. Advocate for women’s rights, gender development and for comfortable spaces for women to shine and be themselves. Interested in African development, the destruction of patriarchy and the safety and emancipation of black women from white supremacy.

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Personal blog: http://apple-kay.tumblr.com/

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