Mama to thee I sing

Oh mama

How great you are

You give me life

And toil day by day to feed, guide, and protect me

Although caged, yet you sing out loud

Ingenuity kindles your thoughts

Tenacity depicts your strength

Speak mama, speak, let your voice be heard

Your voice is powerful

Your voice is distinct

Your voice is indispensable


You stood by me

When all the men were gone

When the land was bare

And the sun refused to shine

And the rivers all dried up

You stood the trials of time

And remain the producer of nations

Oh mama, to thee I sing


Written by Christina Atekmangoh

About the Author:
Christina Atekmangoh is from Cameroon and is currently a PhD student researching on transnational African migration and remittances . She is passionate about gender issues in Africa and believe strongly that Africa and the world at large can be better off if girls and women  are allowed and given the opportunity to fully exploit their potentials in ‘safe havens’. 


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