IWD 2013: Faith and Violence in Lavender Hill Families: NWF Girls Club Poem

My Experience in Lavender Hill is so different. You fear for your life. I am so confused.

Die Here’ moet my help om nie te baklei of te vloek nie. Ek is baie lief vir die Here’.

One day there was a little girl named Sarah, her dad murdered her and told the people a lie. He then got locked up.

Sex is nie ‘n pragtige ding nie.

Song: Sometimes in our lives, we all have pain, we all have sorrow, But if we are wise, we all know that theres always tomorrow. Lean on me, when you are not strong, and I’l be your friend, I’l help you carry on.

This is me standing in the mirror, seeing me as human. It affects me how people treating children with violence. It makes me sad how they scream and hurting them, because we are all neighbours and it is not right, because God made us all. 


A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, accepts you today just the way you are. Lavender Hill- its all about you. Lavender Hill, Lavender Hill, ITS ALL ABOUT YOU.

Sex moet nie as ‘n speletjie gebruik word nie of ‘n wapen.

A letter begins with ABC, A number begins with 1,2,3 but love begins with you and me. 

I love the letter S, I love the letter E, I love the letter X, But I don’t love the word SEX.

Love is mighty, love is tighty, will you be the mother of my “laaitjie”.

Letter of Pregnancy

In Lavender Hill lots of people abuse children of the age 3-13 years. Many young people from the age of 14 get pregnant. Its not right to have pregnancies of the age of 14. A girl of 14 got pregnant at Lavender Hill High School. And a girl in matric got pregnant and she was still busy writing exams. SEXUAL abuse is NOT Right!

Theres people in the community that are treating people with violence. Violence starts in the families. Families break up when violence starts. Violence is when someone shouts and skel and swear at someone else. I am special, I am special, all my friends tell me so. My mummy, daddy and God say so!




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