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In Mama Eves garden for their weekly postchurch
meeting, some of the local women who vowed to not put their girls through FGM.

A ‘CUTTING’ TRIAL: Face to face with one of the first Kenyan cutters to be prosecuted

By: Aimee Ling (Guest Blogger) She wept as she spoke about the troubles she currently faces. Tears strolled down her deeply wrinkled face as she sobbed, gazing through the opening of her small but perfectly formed mud hut into the surrounding savannah. “The first I knew of my wrongdoing was when the law appeared at ...


Do Gender Quotas Influence Women’s Political Representation in Sub-Saharan Africa?

by Stefanos Oikonomou It is difficult to spin differently or sugarcoat the fact that despite strides in recent years, women remain severely underrepresented in politics around the world – women comprise half the world’s population; however, they occupy less than one-fourth of the seats in national legislatures. This ...


Challenging patriarchy through the Legislation and Policy

In Zimbabwe there is political will to address the gender disparities that are embedded in our society.  The government of Zimbabwe has recognized that gender equality is an urgent need and the marginalization of women is a serious cause for concern. In this regard the government has adopted gender sensitive legislation and ...


Domestic Violence – The Monster Society has Domesticated

It is well documented  that least 1 in every 3 women around the world has been beaten, abused, or coerced into sex during her lifetime. It is unfortunate that despite anti-domestic violence activism and advocacy and a gender sensitive legislative framework, the Zimbabwean society is characterized by domestic violence which ...

Bring back our girls

Boko Haram Is Fully Aware of the Transformative Power of Girls’ Education. This Is Why They Oppose It.

Education is one of the most transformative endeavours a child undertakes. This is why Boko Haram and other extremist organizations, including the Taliban, oppose it. In many developing countries, the percentage of girls completing secondary education is lower than 25%. When a high percentage of girls participate in, or ...


Ebola’s Avoidable Attack on African Women

In March 2014 the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa was brought to the attention of the world via the media; websites, news channels, newspapers, blogs etc, they are covering the disease as it spreads and claims more victims, with Mali today confirming its first infection case. According to the BBC News it has become the ...


Will the Next Head of the Francophonie be a Woman?

As Abdou Diouf counts down his last days as the General Secretary of La Francophonie, six candidates are fighting to be crowned his successor. Among the six, one stands out, and all eyes are on her. Yes HER! For she is the only female candidate in the running….but this is not all! The RH Michaëlle Jean is that candidate. ...