Call for Writers

Do you have something to say about women’s rights in Africa? Are you working on the ground to help promote women’s empowerment in Africa? Have you got a story to tell? Then MEWC would like to hear from you!

MEWC is looking for individuals who are eager to share their views, analysis, ideas, and personal stories on our blog.

MEWC’s blog aims to build a wide and diverse collection of ideas, views and contributions to the knowledge base on women’s issues across the African continent. The blog primarily strives to engage women in taking part in discussions and provides a space for participation in the development of gender equality across Africa.

Background information

The goal of Make Every Woman Count (MEWC) blog is to provide a platform for the voices of African women and other individuals interested in women’s rights issues in Africa.

Through the blog, individual women and men, organisations, and women’s rights activists can share their stories, ideas, analyses, theories and experiences. All views and opinions related to gender issues are welcome as a way to fulfil the aim of contributing to a more diverse discussion

The blog is unique in terms of its specific clientele and focus areas. Not only does the blog value a wide range of views and opinions, it strives for a varied range of contributors, from different socioeconomic strata, cultural backgrounds and geographies. In addition, the blog encourages a wide range of submission styles.

MEWC accepts traditional written submissions as well as photo essays, films, poems, video and art. The blog encourages contributors from various media outlets, not just the traditional journalism background. Overall, the goal of the blog is to create an inclusive space that allows for views and opinions to be shared in a safe and positive platform.

If you would like to be considered to participate in the discussion please follow the detailed instructions below. Previous blogging experience is not necessary.

However, please note that this is NOT a paid opportunity.


Submission Instructions:

1. Attach your article to the email in Microsoft Word format. We will not accept PDF files or articles copied in an email. Below is our criteria for submitting:

Length: The article should be between 500-1000 words. Please Use British English and Articles should be furnished with links from reputable sources – news websites, blogs, books, etc.

Style: MEWC welcomes all forms of writing ranging from different academic frameworks, personal narratives, poetry and journalism. This blog is meant to ignite informative, critical and meaningful discussion. Pictures and videos are strongly encouraged, as they help to engage your target audience.

However, please be sure to cite any pictures or videos not taken by you. Please submit them as separate file attachments and include the links in the body of the word document. Properly cite your sources through links and introductory statements such as “According to Human Rights Watch (link to the piece)…. Do NOT use footnotes (this is a blog, not an academic journal). Include links within your text. Ex: Subject line should read: “Submission: Firstname Lastname, Country of origin, Thematic area” (for example: Nadia Akabo, Benin, Human Rights of Women).

Please send us a Headshot photo and short bio for profile in one paragraph (approx. 2-3 sentences) consisting of where you’re from, what you do, how you have fun, what you love etc and your twitter handled if you have one.

All submissions must be sent to blog.makeeverywomancount@gmail.com

We also accept articles in french.

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