About the Blog

MEWC’s blog aims to build a wide and diverse collection of ideas, views and contributions to the knowledge base on women’s issues across the African continent. The blog primarily strives to engage women and young women in taking part in discussions and provide a space for participation in the development of women’s situation across Africa.

Aims of the Blog

The Make Every Woman Count (MEWC) blog aims to provide a platform for the voices of women and young African women and others interested in women’s issues in Africa. Through the blog, individual women, organisations, and women’s rights activists can share their stories, ideas, analyses, theories and experiences.

To MEWC’s knowledge, the blog is unique in terms of its specific clientele and focus areas. Not only does the blog value a wide range of views and opinions, it strives for a varied range of contributors, from different socioeconomic strata, cultural backgrounds and geographies. In addition, the blog encourages a wide range of submission styles. MEWC accepts traditional written submissions as well as photo essays, films, poems, and art. The blog encourages contributors from various media outlets, not just the traditional journalism background. Overall, the goal of the blog is to create an inclusive space that allows for views and opinions to be shared in a safe and positive platform.

The MEWC-blog is your space, where you are invited to express your thoughts, ideas and visions on issues you are passionate about.

Please send your story, reactions, thoughts and ideas to: blog@makeeverywomancount.org

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