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In Mama Eves garden for their weekly postchurch
meeting, some of the local women who vowed to not put their girls through FGM.
International Day of the United Nations Peacekeepers
Human Rights Day in Somalia
Peacekeeping - UNMIS
Women protest outside the ECOWAS headquarters during its 39th Summit of the West African on the political crisis in Ivory Coast, in Nigeria's capital Abuja
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"Women Refugees: Our Journey Into the Unknown...” March is declared as women’s month and women’s achievements and contributions ...



There’s always something about women like me. Women with skin. I am covered in the glory of being black and beautiful. Black Girls ...



By:  Araba Patricia Annan (Guest Blogger) While they design rough and ready buildings for our desired education, they craft our ...


FGM and Cosmetic Genital Surgery: The Two Faces of the Same Misogynist Coin

Mayar Mohamed Mousa was only 17, and she probably died because of a blood clotting after she underwent a medical operation. But Mousa didn’t need that surgery because she had nothing wrong. The operation she underwent was not a medical treatment, it was FGM/C; according to the definition of WHO, the ...


Dear Men: We Need You: Signed, Feminism

A fifteen year old girl in South Africa gets diagnosed with HIV. A woman in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) loses the right to her land after the death of her husband. Nearly half a million women get raped during the Rwandan genocide. One thing these scenarios all have in common? Men. But ...


SDG Goal 5.2 “Eliminate all Forms of Violence Against all Women and Girls in the Public and Private Spheres”

Gender-based violence is one of the pervasive tragedies of our time. This is a reality captured by the jarring statistic that one in three women experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime and an everyday atrocity that is not inevitable, but rather a choice made each time by the perpetrator ...


Women and Land: An Endless Struggle?

“When she was born, she belonged to the clan, as was the land. One day her father distributed the land among her brothers, and instead of giving her a plot, he gave her a husband. 'A land given to a woman is a land lost to another family,' he used to say. One day, the husband decided to marry another ...